What Women Want is a romantic comedy film, directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire, Marisa Tomei as Lola, Alan Alda as Dan Wanamaker, Ashley Johnson as Alexandra 'Alex' Marshall , Mark Feuerstein as Morgan Farwell, Lauren Holly as Gigi, Delta Burke as Eve, Valerie Perrine as Margo, Logan Lerman as Young Nick Marshall, Judy Greer as Erin, Sarah Paulson as Annie, Ana Gasteyer as Sue Cranston, Diana-Maria Riva as Stella, Lisa Edelstein as Dina, Loretta Devine as Flo and Bette Midler as Dr. J.M. Perkins.

What Women Want movie video:

What Women Want, movieThe movie starts out with a guy who lives each day to his Frank Sinatra records. He's crude and brash, but those baby blues are hard to resist. When he thinks he's about to be promoted, he learns that his boss hired a woman named Darcy for the job he desperately wanted. The first thing she does is assign a fun project for all her fellow advertisers-- try out several women's products and come up with a tag line for them. Nick is, of course, totally annoyed, but he does it anyway, falling in the bathtub after slipping on little bath pearls and electrocuting himself with a hair dryer. He can suddenly hear what women think. What he at first sees as a curse, a therapist tells him he's got a power most men dream of-- he knows what women want! So the story unfolds with Nick learning about the women in his life and even having an actual relationship with Darcy.

This is an entertaining movie filled with talented acting, laughs, and lighthearted suspense. The chemistry between Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson is great. Mel has a lot of fun with the role, that of a misogynist ad executive that eventually learns to become a new age sensitive guy. Hunt is good as well, starting off as a foil who eventually falls in love with him. Overall, it's a fun movie for an evening where you just want to sit back and be entertained.

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