Wall Street Money Never Sleeps is a drama film directed by Oliver Stone and written by Allan Loeb (screenplay)and starring: Carey Mulligan as Winnie Gekko, Shia LaBeouf as Jacob Moore, Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox, Susan Sarandon as Sylvia Moore, Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko, Josh Brolin as Bretton James, Frank Langella as Lewis Zabel and Vanessa Ferlito as Audrey. Wall Street Money Never Sleeps is set to be released on April 23, 2010 (USA). In the movie, emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gordon Gekko finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. Looking to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter, Gekko forms an alliance with her fiancé Jacob (Shia LaBeouf), and Jacob begins to see him as a father figure. But Jacob learns the hard way that Gekko – still a master manipulator and player – is after something very different from redemption.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps movie trailer:

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, movie


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