The Last Remnant is set in a fictional world featuring a number of distinct humanoid races; the Mitras, most human in appearance, the Yamas, strong fish-like people, the Qsitis, small reptilians, and the Sovanis, feline people with four arms. The story of the game revolves around "remnants", mysterious and coveted ancient artifacts of varying shapes and sizes which possess magic powers and which have been the cause of several wars throughout the game's history. As Remnants come in varying forms, all cities throughout the world have one that their ruler is bound to that assist to govern and bring peace to their assigned realm.

The Minimum System Requirements For The Last Remnant :

Operating System: Windows XP SP2/ Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2 Ghz) / AMD Athlon X2 (2 Ghz)
Memory: 1,5 Gb
Hard Drive: 15 GB Free Space
Video Card (graphics): Nvidia Geforce 8600 VRAM 256 MB or better
Sound Card: 100% DirectSound Compatible Sound Card
DirectX: Directx 9c
Optical: DVD-ROM Dual-Layer
Internet: Broadband Connection
Display 1024×768, 32 Bit

The Last Remnant gameplay:

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