City Island is a comedy film directed and written by Raymond De Felitta and starring: George Aloi as Auditioning Actor, Sharon Angela as Tanya, Alan Arkin as Michael Malakov, Vernon Campbell as Bouncer (voice) and Lora Chio as Young Actress. City Island set to be released in USA on March 19, 2010. In the movie, When prison guard and New York family man, Vince Rizzo, sees a familiar name among the new convicts list, he realizes it belongs to a boy who he fathered twenty years earlier but abandoned. Now married with a new family, Vince takes his long-lost son, Tony Nardella, home with him - not telling his family who Tony really is.

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City Island, movie, posterThis isn’t that unusual, as the Rizzo family is filled with secrets from each other - a condition that is straining Vince’s relationship with his wife, Joyce, who believes that Vince is secretly having an affair while in fact he is secretly attending acting classes. His daughter, Vivian, is a college student, or so her family thinks. In fact, she is a stripper at a New Jersey nightclub, having been thrown out of school. And Vince’s youngest son, Vinnie JR., has hid his secret sexual fetish from everyone else, with the result that everyone thinks he’s gone off the deep end.

By bringing his long lost son, Tony, into the family, and by exploring a platonic extra-marital affair with a fellow acting student, MOLLY CHARLESWORTH (who has secrets of her own), Vince comes to realize that the only way to grow and truly understand love and intimacy is to face the lies he’s told about his past and bring his family and loved ones into his future.


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