Monsteca Corral is a real time strategy video game developed and published by Onteca for the Nintendo Wii. Monsteca Corral is set to be released in January 2010. The game is a fast-paced action / strategy / puzzle game. You control a herd of Sdompe, cute and not so bright Monsters who, once activated, never stop running. It is your job to accumulate and guide them successfully through each level. You take the role of a Monster Herder, flying above them and saving them from the dangers of their changing environment and the ever growing ominous robot population. As your Sdompe run through each level, you guide them towards 'Energy orb' bonuses that are scattered throughout the habitat, these will increase the communal power of the herd.

Monsteca Corral game video:

Monsteca Corral, wii, game, video
As additional levels arise, the game emerges as a cross-country running game with Sdompe migrating through the different and ever changing environments of the Monsteca World: Stomping through Desert, Open Plains, Wooded Highlands, Forest, Wetlands and City in their bid to make it home safely.


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