Dragon Master is an adventure video game published by DreamCatcher Interactive for Nintendo DS. Dragon Master is set to be released in January 2010. In the game, the land of Alradur has become barren and few can remember a time when the fields blosomed with life. Yet legends persist of a thriving time when land and sky were alive, and man and dragons shared the world in harmony. Legends also tell of the dragons treachery; of how they destroyed the Tree of Life, casting all of Alradur into its sullen state. But there is still hope.

In a forgotten passage, it's pages scattered throughout the land, there is a prophecy of boy and a dragon who will reunite the races, revive the Tree of Life, and bring back the order of the Dragon Masters, mightiest of Alradur’s heroes. Are you up to the task?

Dragon Master game video:

Dragon Master, ds, video, gameDragon Master game features:

Save the lands in an epic RPG, that is at once challenging and approachable by younger audiences.

5 different spells to discover and master, all activated with the Nintendo DS’ touch screen.

Explore the lands on the back of your very own Dragon.

Fight fierce monsters on the ground and in the air.

Tackle the mystery of the Tree of Life using your spells to solve puzzles at every step of the way.

Meet the many inhabitants of Alradur and help them with their problems


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