The Wedding Planner is a romantic comedy film, starring Jennifer Lopez as Maria 'Mary' Fiore, Matthew McConaughey as Dr Steven James 'Steve/Eddie' Edison, Bridgette Wilson as Francine 'Fran' Donolly, Justin Chambers as Massimo, Judy Greer as Penny, Alex Rocco as Salvatore Fiore, Lou Myers as Burt Weinberg , Charles Kimbrough as Mr. Donolly, Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Donolly, J.R. Rose as The Speech Guy and Kathy Najimy as Geri. In the movie, Mary Fiore is one of the best wedding planners, but leads a solitude life outside her work by spending time with her father playing scrabble. One day a man saves her life from a runaway dumpster, and Mary starts getting feelings for him. Mary's friend Penny sets up Mary and Steve Edison the doctor who saved her life, on a date.

The Wedding Planner (2001) movie trailer

The Wedding Planner, movie, reviewJust when Mary feels like she has found Mr. Perfect, she finds out that Steve is the groom for one of the weddings that she is planning! From then on tensions flare as Mary almost gives up planning the wedding as she was in love with the groom. However she pulls through and manages to plan the wedding. However, the day of the wedding, the groom and bride have second thoughts. The groom mainly because he is in love with Mary, in the end these two decide it would be best to get together.

Overall, this is a very sweet and unique love story. The romance that develops between the two is very touching. As the wedding approaches, and the young couple fight to suppress their feelings, you'll be swept away by the emotional turmoil and the conclusion.

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