Happy Tears is a drama film directed and written by Mitchell Lichtenstein, starring: Demi Moore as Laura, Parker Posey as Jayne, Rip Torn as Joe, Ellen Barkin as Shelly, Christian Camargo as Jackson, Billy Magnussen as Ray, Roger Rees as Antiques Dealer, Sebastian Roché as Laurent, Susan Blommaert as Mallory, Victor Slezak as Eli Bell, Celia Weston as Neighbor, T. Ryder Smith as Shoe Boutique Buzzard Salesman, Richard Barlow as Mitch Dawkins and Tom McNutt as Skipp Gunderson. Happy Tears is set to be released in February 2010 (USA). In the movie, Jayne (Parker Posey) and Laura (Demi Moore) are about to take on the first man they just might not be able to handle: their seventy something-year-old father Joe (Rip Torn). Dutiful daughters returning to the house they grew up in, Jayne and Laura are forced to take a closer look at their own not-so-perfect lives while dodging childhood memories. Laura suspects that Joe needs full-time care, but Jayne refuses to believe that their father’s condition is that serious. Jayne’s compulsion to escape reality only increases Laura’s attempts to yank her back down to earth. Meanwhile, Joe still sings and plays the blues on his prized guitar, and the lively widower even has a new “ladyfriend,” shameless and sassy Shelly (Ellen Barkin). But as the visible moments of their father’s impending senility increase, the family dynamics spiral out of control.

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Tensions flare as the close sisters must also juggle their own very different lives – Laura’s busy environmentalist work schedule and mother of three small children, and Jayne, desperate to finally have a baby with her workaholic art-dealing husband Jackson (Christian Camargo).

Their adventures back home are not without magic, mischief and mayhem, and even a search for buried treasure in the backyard! In the end, any tears that Jayne and Laura might shed will be happy ones.

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    Happy Tears Movie is a comedy drama and will be released in Feb, i found a great link to download happy tears movie, while i was searching for trailer of the movie, i will definitely watch the movie

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