DJ Nights Eurodance is a music video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by MusiGames. The game involves rhythmic tapping and scratching on a virtual turntable. DJ Nights Eurodance comes with eleven worldwide hits from artists such as Alexia, which sold 6 million albums and had multiple top hits worldwide; Double You which had 6 million sales of its first single followed by multiple worldwide hits and Ice MC, who made the charts worldwide with hits such as "It's a Rainy Day"!


1. Don't leave me

2. Dancing with an angel

3. Goodbye

4. Part-time lover

5. Summer is crazy

6. Bad Boy

7. Got to love

8. Take away the colour

9. Me and you

10. It's a rainy day

11. Gimme love

12. Megamix

DJ Nights Eurodance game video

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