The Roommate is a thriller film, set for release on February 04, 2011. The film is written by Sonny Mallhi and directed by Christian E. Christiansen, and stars Minka Kelly as Sara Webber, Leighton Meester as Rebecca Woods, Danneel Harris as Irene Crew, Cam Gigandet as Stephen Morterelli, Alyson Michalka as Tracy Morgan, Katerina Graham as Kim Johnson, Matt Lanter as Jason Tanner, Ryan Doom as Rick Shaefer, Elena Franklin as Jessica Smith and Carrie Finklea as Marina Hudgens.

Movie synopsis: The film begins with Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) going to college and finding her room. While she is there, she sees that the bed is empty. Also, she meets two other girls, Tracy Morgan (Alyson Michalka) and Tracy's roommate, and she is invited to join the two at a frat party. While she is there she meets a guy in the band, Stephen Morterelli (Cam Gigandet), and they flirt with each other. During the party, Sara sees Tracy drunk, dancing, and about to take off her top for frat guys with a camera. Sara consoles her and takes her back to her room.

While going back to her room Sara meets her new roommate, Rebecca Evans (Leighton Meester). The two slowly become friends and Sara introduces Rebecca to her other friends. However, Rebecca's reactions to them seem distant; she is especially cold to Sara's best friend, Irene Crew (Danneel Harris). However, Sara seems to be oblivious to this and becomes closer to Rebecca and seemingly more distant with Tracy, especially when she takes Sara out one night and ditches her. However, the two reconcile and their relations appear to go back to normal. Sara's closeness to Rebecca becomes strained when Rebecca becomes very clingy and obsessive about their friendship. One example of this occurs when Rebecca sits outside of Tracy's door and glares at her. Tracy attempts to warn Sara about Rebecca, but she does not seem to believe her. Rebecca then reveals her true nature by attacking Tracy in the shower and ripping out her belly button ring. She threatens to kill her if she tells anyone and that she is a bad influence on Sara. A fearful Tracy moves to another hall.

During this time Sara and Stephen start to become even closer and Rebecca becomes even more jealous about their friendship. Sara is also having trouble with her ex-boyfriend Jason (Matt Lanter) back at home. During a date, Stephen and Sara decide to have sex. Sara's ex-boyfriend calls her, but she is not present and Rebecca impersonates her over the phone. He invites her over not knowing he is drunk and cannot see very well. Jason lies in bed while Rebecca sits on top of him. She takes a pocket knife from the back of her bra and stabs him in the chest. Rebecca's attempts at keeping Sara in her life become more desperate and the true measure of her insanity is revealed. During Thanksgiving, when Sara wants to leave with Steven, instead of going with Rebecca to her parents, Rebecca violently beats and cuts herself with a box cutter. She then lies to Sara telling her that she was attacked in an alley looking for their lost kitten. Later, Rebecca ties up Sara's friend Irene.

Sara and Stephen fight with Rebecca to save Irene. Rebecca holds a knife against Sara. Sara then takes the knife from her and stabs her in the back saying, "We were never friends", killing her.

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