Shining Hearts is an RPG video game for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), release date to be announced later. This entry in the Shining franchise is a traditional 2D overhead RPG with menu-based battles, but it also has romance and lifestyle elements. You play as Rick, a young warrior who works in a bakery on Wyndaria Island. Throughout the course of the game, you'll form a relationship with one of the three girls who work alongside you at at the bakery, while engaging in battle out at sea and taking on quests from your fellow islanders.

Wyndaria is usually a peaceful place. This changes with the appearance of a mysterious girl named Kaguya, who arrives on the island one morning following a great storm. Kaguya has lost her memory and her heart, and pirates are after the spirit stone she wears on her neck. You'll need to help Kaguya restore her heart while protecting her and the island from pirates. To help Kaguya restore her heart, you'll need to collect "Hearts." These can be obtained by taking on quests across the island. As you give your hearts to Kaguya, her spirit stone will release "heart keys," which can be used to open up new areas of the world. To protect the island and Kaguya, you'll need to engage in battle with the pirates on land and sea. The relationship component of the game plays a part here, as your three party members will see their favor for you change depending on your performance in the game's combat sequences. Outside of combat and questing, you can take part in a variety of activities on the island. Activities include fishing and collecting crops (which you won't have to actually plant) and other items for use in baking bread and forging new weapons.

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