GalGun is a shooter video game for Xbox 360, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Inti Creates.

In the game, you play a hero named Tenzou who, because of an errant love arrow fired by an angel, is now the most desirable boy in school for all the uncontrollable females on campus! This sounds like every guy's dream, as every female you meet will literally throw herself at you to smother you with love and affection. However, when the effect of the arrow wears off, it's all over - forever! The only cure for a loveless life is to find your soulmate on campus and connect with her to make a true love connection before the time limit runs out.

Unfortunately, every girl you meet will be charging at the speed of passion to embrace you. You will need to use blasts of charm - thus the title "GalGun" for this lightgun-style comedy game -- to overwhelm them with Pheromone Shots and stop them from stopping you. Special "DokiDoki Mode" and boss encounters will allow you to engage one-on-one with girls, firing precisely at their certain parts to find their "weakness". Over 60 girls are included in the game -- how will you be able to survive this much love?

GalGun game trailer

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