Active Life: Explorer (Game & Active Life Mat) is a sports video game for Nintendo Wii, set for release on October 19, 2010. The game is developed and published by Namco Bandai.

In the gamee, explore an array of intriguing themed locales including dense twilight jungles, ancient ruins, lava-flooded caves, frozen ice packs and more each with their own traps, hazards and challenges. A veritable thrill-ride of activities will keep the whole family moving as they run across falling bridges, dodge perilous booby traps, escape from savage beasts, chase down bandits, and much more as they ride off into the sunset with a bounty of loot and rewards.

The game includes dozens of action-packed adventures with support for up to eight players in fun cooperative or competitive challenges with multiple difficulty options to cater to all skill levels. In the multiplayer Party Mode, up to eight players can play in a series of activities that gives everyone a chance to get in on the action. One to four players can play through a Treasure Adventure Mode filled with dozens of missions as they uncover new uncharted lands on a world map. Active Life: Explorer Sports, nintendo, wii A versatile Free Play Mode offers easy access to individual challenges, while gamers looking for a challenge can put their skills to the test in the Treasure Trials Mode with a variety of objectives to complete.

This bundled version of Active Life: Explorer comes complete with an Active Life Mat Controller.

Active Life: Explorer game video

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