Dance! It`s your stage is a music video game for Xbox 360, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Sproing and published by DTP (Digital Entertainment Pool). In the game, dance your way up to the best stages of the world, with and against Germany's top dance coach Detlef D! Soost.

The 20 new and trendy songs will make you and your friends want to jive all night long. Choose from 6 different personalities and dress them up with loads of chic accessories.

You start your career on the small stages and work your dancing career all the way to the top. For each new stage you also get a matching outfit and the light shows and effects will create the perfect atmosphere for you and your background dancers. Start with your first choreography on the Street Stage and dance your way up, visiting exciting party locations like the Underground Club or the exotic Dance Club. Your career will also include gigs on the extravagant Airport Stage or the Heliport on top of the city's highest skyscrapers.

Dance! It`s your stage game video

Dance! It`s your stage, xbox, box, art, game Besides your career you can always pick up the game for a quick training session or quick play, or invite your friends to cut the rug in one of the multiplayer modes.

Throughout the game Germany's famous dance coach Detlef D! Soost supports you with tips and feedback and tries to motivate and inspire you with his well known comments. He will show the steps and complicated choreographies to you in the training room and put you to the test on the TV Stage at the end of every season. Some of the choreographies you will dance to have exclusively been designed by Detlef D! Soost himself.

With intuitive control schemes you will find it very easy to get into the game.

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