Space Invaders HD is a shooter video game for Apple iPad, developed and published by Taito.

Taito previously released an iPhone/iPod touch edition of the classic shooting game Space Invaders in February of 2009. Newly released as Space Invaders Hd, this new edition of the game has been redesigned and tuned to take full advantage of iPad's special characteristics.

Space Invaders for iPad! Experience a true shooting game! Originally released to arcades in 1978, Space Invaders sparked a worldwide video game boom. Both the original classic and its numerous sequels continue to be enjoyed around the globe.

While remaining a faithful recreation of the beloved arcade classic, the graphics and sounds in Space Invaders HD have been specially optimized to take full advantage of iPad's hardware. Not only are familiar tricks like the Nagoya Attack present and accounted for, the game also includes a treasury of bonus materials, such as rarely seen design documents from the original 1978 game's development.

Space Invaders HD game video

Space Invaders HD, game, ipad, apple, screen, image Lay iPad flat for nostalgic table cabinet-style play! Carefully tuned for iPad play and with optimized graphics, Space Invaders HD offers a more impressive gaming experience than the iPhone/iPod touch edition played magnified.

Additionally, when the iPad is laid flat on a surface, Space Invaders HD offers a gaming experience remarkably similar to that of the "cocktail table"-style arcade cabinets often seen in cafes and restaurants during the 1980s. Adding to the nostalgia is a two-player mode that allows two friends to sit facing each other, competing for the high score.

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