Here is the full song track listing (set list) for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden's upcoming fifteenth studio album “The Final Frontier”, set for release on August 17, 2010 via EMI records. The lead single "El Dorado" from their new album was released as a free digital download on the band's official website in June.

Complete track list:

1. "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier" 8:40

2. "El Dorado" 6:49

3. "Mother of Mercy" 5:20

Iron Maiden, The Final Frontier, new, album, cd, audio, tracklist 4. "Coming Home" 5:52

5. "The Alchemist" 4:29

6. "Isle of Avalon" 9:06

7. "Starblind" 7:48

8. "The Talisman" 9:03

9. "The Man Who Would Be King" 8:28

10. "When the Wild Wind Blows"10:59

Total length: 76:34

Music video Iron Maiden - "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier"

Iron Maiden - "El Dorado"

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