Earth Defender is a shooter video game published by Fishlabs for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In the game, players have a well-equipped arsenal of weapons under their control. The standard repertoire includes blast bombs, which cause gigantic explosions, all-devouring black hole bombs, and electric lightning bombs. With skillful aiming, bombs can spread over every opponent, triggering enormous chain reactions. As a last resort, players have five superbombs that destroy or heavily damage every enemy in sight.

Earth Defender game review

Earth Defender, game, iphone, box, art, image Earth Defender game features:

Spectacular graphics with elaborate effects and detailed animated backgrounds.

Atmospheric, orchestral soundtrack and impressive sound.

Multi-touch action with up to five fingers

Seven unique level bosses and a gigantic end. boss.

Six different levels with 14 different enemy types.

20 OpenFeint achievements and integration in Facebook and Twitter.

On-line highscore lists via OpenFeint.

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