Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is a strategy RPG video game for PC system and Nintendo Wii console. The game is developed and published by Silent Dreams.

The game is an ironical, story-intensive fantasy RPG with tactical elements. The game follows young recruit Drake, who has failed at the military academy exam. Humiliated and frustrated he wants to end his life by jumping into the throat of brutal mushrooms. But then he learns that he's not the only one disappointed and that there are others who can't go on with their lives. He comes across the last depressed remains of the kingdom's army which return badly injured from an all or nothing battle. One of the survivors is the most popular hero of all mankind: Holy Avatar. The arrogant knight in shiny armor tells you how a suddenly appearing sect crushed the whole kingdoms' army. The land Glory is overrun by creatures of the Dark Church and what's even worse, HE, the mighty Holy Avatar, was beaten the first time in his life.

Now it is on YOU, Drake, to recruit a force and fight off the Dark Church before the population learns about the defeat and runs scared. However, all the land's heroic men are deadly injured or already dead. Only the most dubious and criminal creatures are left, deeply hidden in the high security dungeons. Well... and there still are the most evil creatures of all: WOMEN! Yet they have no choice if they want to rescue the land from the Dark Church's fanatic claws. Established are the Evil Heroes!

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes game video

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, game, screen, image, pc Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes game features:

Round based, strategic fights with the funniest animation which could ever be seen in the RPG genre.

In the fantasy world of Grotesque, there are beautiful woods and villages as well as dark dungeons ready for exploration.

An ironic, deep and atmospheric storyline from which RPG fans will still sing ballads in a thousand years.

Big, detailed and bad tempered boss monsters.

The tactical RPG genre is given a brand new face thanks to amusing multiple choice conversations and dialogue riddles.

Classic RPG elements: solving story-intensive quests, searching treasures, trading, level and power up your party members.

Distinctive party members such as the arrogant hero Holy Avatar, the blood thirsty vampire Solithaire and the sweet but irritable angel Angelina.

It's possible to rescue half naked virgins from the claws of evil monsters who will follow you as groupie pets after the battle.

Obsession: Every Evil Hero has its own, distinctive tic such as irascibility, telling endless and boring hero storys or abnormal jealousy. However, this negative attributes could also be used in a positive way in battles if the chosen one acts cleverly....

Programmed by the Lead / Senior Programmer of Gothic 1-3 Carsten Edenfeld and others at Silent Dreams.

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