SEGA Genesis Ultimate Collection: Shining Force is a Strategy video game for Apple iPhone, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Sonic Software Planning / Climax Entertainment (JP) and published by SEGA. This downloadable version of the classic Genesis/Mega-Drive game becomes playable on iPhoneand iPod Touch via the SEGA Genesis Ultimate Collection software.

The biggest role-playing epic ever created for the Genesis, Shining Force is in a category all its own. When the Dark Dragon begins to stir after 50 generations of sleep, the Continent of Rune is in for some substantial turbulence. To add to the chaos, a group of enemy invaders is storming the Continent to seize it. The King's youngest swordsman is the only one who can rescue the land, and he's enlisted a group of brave warriors to help him in his quest. Play as 10 different characters at one time in this role-playing masterpiece. Increase your characters' skills and attributes as the game goes on, making your way through eight different scenarios.

Shining Force game video

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