Here is the full song track listing (set list) for the singer songwriter David Gray’s ninth studio album “Foundling”, set for release in the UK on August 16, 2010 and in the USA on August 17, 2010 via Mercer Street/Downtown Records.

Complete Track Listing (All songs written and composed by David Gray)

1. "Only the Wine"

2. "Foundling"

3. "Forgetting"

4. "Gossamer Thread"

5. "The Old Chair"

David Gray, Foundling, new, album, cd, audio, box, art 6. "In God's Name"

7. "We Could Fall in Love Again Tonight"

8. "Holding On"

9. "When I Was in Your Heart"

10. "A New Day at Midnight"

11. "Dave Jones' Locker"

Bonus disc

1. "Fixative"

2. "Morning Theme"

3. "The Dotted Line"

4. "A Million Years"

5. "Who's Singing Now"

6. "Old Father Time"

7. "Indeed I Will"

8. "A Moment Changes Everything"

Bonus track (iTunes)

1. "More to Me Now"

Audio David Gray - "A Moment Changes Everything"

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