Submarine is a comedy film, set for release in the UK on March 18, 2011. The screenplay is written and directed by Richard Ayoade based on the book by Joe Dunthorne. The film stars Sally Hawkins as Jill, Paddy Considine as Graham, Gemma Chan as Kim-Lin, Noah Taylor as Lloyd, Yasmin Paige as Jordana and Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate.

Movie synopsis: A comical coming of age story. Set in Wales, it is a portrait of a boy on the brink of manhood. The story of Oliver Tate's 15th year combines delusion and insight, worldliness and childish innocence to heartbreaking and hilarious effect. Oliver (Craig Roberts); In his head he's a cool, literary genius. In reality he's socially inept and unpopular. Convinced that his father (Noah Taylor) is depressed and his mother (Sally Hawkins) is having an affair with her life coach (Paddy Considine), "a hippy-looking twonk", he embarks on a hilariously misguided campaign to bring the family back together. Meanwhile, he is also trying to lose his virginity - before he turns sixteeen - to his pyromaniac girlfriend Jordana (Yasmin Paige).

Submarine (2011) movie trailer

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