AmigaOne X1000 is a PowerPC based computer system intended as a high end platform for AmigaOS 4. It was revealed by A-Eon Technology CVBA in partnership with Hyperion Entertainment. The original intention was that the machine would be available by Summer 2010, but A-Eon technology announced at the Vintage Computer festival that the release had been delayed.

A-EON recently revealed the identity of the mystery CPU powering the AmigaOne X1000. It's none other than the uber cool PWRficient PA6T processor developed by fabless chip designer PA Semi. The PA6T-1682M is a high performance, low cost, cool running dual-core, 64-bit, 2 GHz Power CPU specifically designed for embedded military and industrial applications.

'Xena' is a new feature of the AmigaOne line. It is the name A-Eon have given to the XMOS XCore XS1-L1 located on the X1000 motherboard connected to the 'Xorro' slot, a modified PCI-express slot. XCore XS1 is an event driven architecture made scalable by the low-latency links between cores and zero-latency communication between threads on the same core. 'Xena', a single-core XS1, has eight hardware threads that together provide a maximum of 500 MIPS. Roughly one quarter of Xena's I/O lines are directly connected to the CPU local bus, while the remaining three quarters are connected to the Xorro slot. These I/O lines to the Xorro slot are configurable in software using 'XC', a set of extensions to the C programming language. They provide a low-latency connection both to the main system and to any Xorro expansions, allowing data sampling or custom hardware control over Xorro. This also makes it possible to link additional XCore chips to Xena via Xorro, scaling up the co-processor's performance accordingly.

AmigaOne X1000 - an introduction video (Part One)

AmigaOne X1000 - an introduction video (Part Two)

AmigaOne X1000, AmigaOS 4, screen

System specs:

Customized case with Boing Ball

ATX Formfactor

Dual core PWRficient PA6T 1.8 GHz PowerISA v2.04+ CPU

Co-processor: "Xena" 500 MHz XCore XS1-L1 128 SDS

ATI Radeon R700 graphics card

500GB Hard drive

Audio: 7.1 channel HD audio

22x DVD combo drive

Memory: 4× DDR2 SDRAM slots

10× USB 2.0

1× Gigabit Ethernet

2× PCIe ×16 slots (1×16 or 2×8)

2× PCIe ×1 slots

1× Xorro slot (gives access to "Xena")

2× PCI legacy slots

2× RS-232

4× SATA 2 connectors

1× IDE connector

JTAG connector

1× Compact Flash

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