Here is the complete track list for the R.E.M.’s upcoming fifteenth studio album Collapse into Now”, set for release on March 7, 2011 via Warner Bros. Records. In comparing the record to the band's previous release, Accelerate, bassist Mike Mills has said the band "wanted this new one to be more expansive. We wanted to put more variety into it and not limit ourselves to any one type of song. There are some really slow, beautiful songs; there are some nice, mid-tempo ones; and then there are three or four rockers." He has spoken about the album's theme, saying: "It's more of a personal record than a political one. Current events do come into our mind when we write, but the themes here are more universal."

Complete tracklist:

1. "Discoverer"

2. "All the Best"

3. "Überlin"

4. "Oh My Heart"

R.E.M., Collapse into Now, cd, new, album 5. "It Happened Today" (featuring Eddie Vedder and Joel Gibb)

6. "Every Day Is Yours to Win"

7. "Mine Smell Like Honey"

8. "Walk It Back"

9. "Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter" (featuring Peaches and Lenny Kaye)

10. "That Someone Is You"

11. "Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I"

12. "Blue" (featuring Patti Smith)

Live R.E.M. "Discoverer"

Live R.E.M. "Oh My Heart"

Live R.E.M. "Mine Smell Like Honey"

Audio R.E.M. "Discoverer"

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