Seek Your Own Proof: The Guardian's Guild is an adventure video game developed by Rocketfuel Games for PC. Seek Your Own Proof: The Guardian's Guild draws players into a chase through time and history against enemy agents plotting to rewrite the past, present and future. Players are led by field agents - Aidan (Agent Slingshot), Milanie (Agent Firefly), and Heiko (Agent Hardcover) Munro - three investigative siblings who discovered the secret underground agency.

They must locate the eospheres - energy orbs that power time travel – which have been entrusted to famous figures in history, before they fall into the hands of the evil Frostbite. Along the way, the Munro kids encounter a series of historical figures known as the Eosphere Guardians and find out more about their father Dr. Sebastian Munro, a famous scientist and co-founder of the C.I.E., who went missing years ago without a trace.

In the spirit of learning based adventure games like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Seek Your Own Proof: The Guardian's Guild combines a cast of heroes and villains, historic settings like Renaissance Italy, Colonial America and Ancient Greece, and is seeded with over 50 brain teasing puzzles, which players discover as they progress through the adventure. Players can also sign up for a free agent membership that provides access to bonus puzzles, missions and other extras.

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Seek Your Own Proof has been featured in publications including The New York Times, KidScreen Magazine and Children's Technology Review where it earned an Editor's Choice Award (4.5 stars out of 5) in August 2010 - "This is top quality content, and there's no doubt that a child will walk away from this experience with greater curiosity about a subject than when he or she started."

Seek Your Own Proof: The Guardian's Guild game features:

•Over 50 puzzles to solve across 13 mission chapters

•Story-focused gameplay and simple "point and click" interface

•Sign up for a free agent membership to access bonus puzzles and missions, track your progress, connect with other players, take on real world museum missions and acquire rewards

Season One is available now online for $9.95 (USD) at


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