Silly Bandz is a video game published by Zoo Games for Apple iPhone. The game is based on the popular rubber band accessories - not since the Beanie Babies of the'90s has a children's entertainment trend taken the world by such force. The Silly Bandz craze has taken the world by storm, and now a video game will expand on that popularity.

Silly Bandz have been stolen and it is up to you to get them back! Knock out enemies and destroy the cages holding your Silly Bandz hostage, and they're yours! Catapult a variety of colorful Silly Bandz to destroy everything in your way in order to collect your bandz, but beware of enemies trying to sabotage your rescue - with 200 Silly Bandz on the line, they are not willing to let them go without a fight!

Silly Bandz game video


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