This soundtrack features 23 tracks from the video game including music from memorable moments throughout the game. Composed by Cris Velasco, Mike Reagan and Scott Morton, the soundtrack aims to capture the essence of the game and portray its dark and haunting atmosphere. Chris and Mike previously worked together on projects such as God of War and God of War II

The full list of 23 Soundtrack is as follows:

1. Darksiders Theme by Cris Velasco & Mike Reagan (3:51)
2. Battle With Silitha by Cris Velasco (1:53)
3. Strange Moment by Scott Morton (1:05)
4. Battle With Straga by Mike Reagan (2:00)
5. Eden by Scott Morton (2:03)
6. Flight Path by Scott Morton (2:36)
7. Keeping Pace by Scott Morton (2:21)
8. Battle With Greaver by Mike Reagan (2:01)
9. Epic Moment by Scott Morton (1:40)
10. Empowered by Cris Velasco (3:32)
11. Nex Sacramentum by Scott Morton (2:25)
12. Battle With Tiamat by Cris Velasco (2:04)

Darksiders, cd, cover, album, music, Game, Soundtrack13. Chaos Eater by Cris Velasco (1:31)
14. Light Combat by Cris Velasco (1:41)
15. Flight Over Ruined Eden by Scott Morton (1:49)
16. In Prophecy by Scott Morton (1:30)
17. Prison Break by Cris Velasco (2:07)
18. Rescue Ruin by Scott Morton (2:28)
19. Vulgrim by Scott Morton (1:37)
20. Battle With Abaddon by Scott Morton (3:33)
21. War's Theme by Scott Morton (1:24)
22. Uriel by Scott Morton (1:17)
23. End Credits by Scott Morton (4:04)

Battle With Silitha Music Clip

The Darksiders soundtrack is available now to download from key retailers including for $7.99, or the tracks can also be purchased individually for $0.89.


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