Tilt to Live is an action video game for iPhone, set to be released in Q1 2010. The game is developed and published by One Man Left Studios. In the game, Hotshot attorney Jeremy Irons is Larsen City's newly appointed D.A. and last hope. After the police found the previous D.A. belly up at Bowler Pier, all of the other upstanding attorneys turned tail and skipped town. But Irons's unwavering dedication to justice, and rock hard abs, have all but erased the word "surrender" from his vocabulary. Along with the words "mercy" and "please". And "scared". Pursued by the infamous Missile Kill Mike and running short of options, Irons has made one last, desperate stand in an abandoned warehouse at Bowler Pier. When a stray Missile Kill Mike Kill Missile creates a barricade of debris between Irons and his aggressor, the maverick D.A. finds himself utterly trapped. With nothing but his gun, his iPhone, and a crystal clear 3g connection, Irons has some time to kill.

Tilt to Live game video:
Tilt to Live, iphone, Game, screen, imageTilt to Live is a fast-paced, arcade-style app whose control scheme is entirely mapped to the accelerometer. Simply tilt the iPhone to avoid constantly spawning enemies, while whittling away at their numbers with 8 different weapon pickups. Run over a weapon orb to unleash an ice blast, cluster missiles, nuke, or even to don a spinning spike shield. 3 unlockable weapons, 20 unlockable awards, and online leaderboards are all included to keep players glued to their iPhones.


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