The Perfect Game is a film based on the book by W. William Winokur, set to be released on April 16, 2010. The film is written by W. William Winokur and directed by William Dear, and stars Clifton Collins Jr. as Cesar Faz, Cheech Marin as Padre Esteban, Moisés Arias as Mario Ontiveros, Jake T. Austin as Angel Macias, Ryan Ochoa as Norberto Villareal, Carlos Padilla as Baltazar Charles, Jansen Panettiere as Enrique Suarez, Carlos Gómez as Umberto Macias, Emilie de Ravin as Frankie, Patricia Manterola as Maria, Louis Gossett Jr. as Cool Papa Bell.

Movie Synopsis: When Cesar Faz (Clifton Collins, Jr.) is laid off from his janitorial job with the St. Louis Cardinals he moves back to Monterrey. There he meets local children being led by Padre Esteban (Cheech Marin) enjoying baseball. He takes pitcher Angel Macias (Jake T. Austin) under his wing and brags about his own pitching skills and how he used to coach the Cardinals. Angel convinces Cesar to help recruit and coach Monterrey's first-ever Little League team. With Cesar's skills and Padre Esteban's support, the boys hone themselves into a competitive team worthy of international competition.

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When the team arrives in America, they are met with racism, a language barrier and visa troubles. Though the underdogs, the team scores a series of victories that endear them to the media, and new fans. They befriend a sports reporter, Frankie (Emilie de Ravin) and the groundskeeper, Cool Papa Bell (Lou Gossett, Jr.), who then assist the boys in reaching the final game.

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