Zhu Zhu Pets is a Virtual Pet video game set to be released in March 2010 for Nintendo DS console. The game is developed by Black Lantern Studios / Game Mill Entertainment and published by Virtual Pet. The game is based on the wildly popular toy set of hamsters that talk and move around in their own playsets. With the fun of the wildly popular toys and the easy control of the Nintendo DS, you will be racing hamsters and unlocking new mazes in no time! Your Zhu Zhu Pets interact with the world around them and make use of numerous accessories, including tubes, skateboards and cars. Race them through a variety of mazes while you collect carrots, coins and stars. You must make sure your hamsters get lots of rest, exercise, snacks and of course, lots and lots of love! This Limited Edition version includes a Baxter Zhu Zhu Pets doll.

Zhu Zhu Pets game video

Zhu Zhu Pets, Limited Edition, game, art, cover,box, screens, video, nintendoZhu Zhu Pets (Limited Edition) game features:

Play With Your Favorite Zhu Zhu Pets: Control Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, Patches and more as you lead them through different mazes.

Collector's Edition Baby Hamster: The initial release of the game will come with Baxter, an exclusive hamster baby. It will be available in limited quantities.

Unlockable Levels: Race your hamster to unlock more than 30 levels in six different worlds, each with more coins, carrots and stars to collect.

Care For Your Pets: Keep your pets happy and healthy by making sure they sleep, eat, drink and exercise.

Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Controls: Use the DS stylus to lead your pets around and perform different activities.

Use Numerous Accessories: Watch the popular pets zoom through levels on a skateboard, in a hamster ball or in a car.

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