Wakeboarding HD is an arcade-style wakeboarding video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3, PSN) set to be released in March 2010. The game is developed by TikGames and published by Creat Studios. In the game, grab your board and hold on tight! Wakeboarding HD drops players into a high-speed, water-filled, arcade experience to maneuver through tracks, perform high-flying tricks, collect bonuses and avoid dangers from exploding mines to bloodthirsty sharks. Show your skills and wreak havoc as the bright and colorful tropical paradise resort transforms into an action-packed extreme playground.

Wakeboarding HD game video:

Wakeboarding HDWakeboarding HD game features:

High-speed arcade platform gameplay – Jump onto docks and over boats, balance on rails and waves, and launch over buildings and landmarks.

Crazy tricks and stunts – Flip, grab, roll, and spin as you hurl across the water and through the air. Smash through billboards and boats, splash the bikini-clad babes.

Feel the surf – The ocean’s beauty and the wake’s ferocity vividly come to life in state-of-the-art water simulation.

Multiplayer – Race against your buddy in any mission with side-by-side split screen action.


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