Pulse is a music video game for iPhone developed and published by Virtual Fairground.The game is played by tapping the screen or keyboard to the beat of the music. Do this right and a track’s pulse line gains height, allowing you to reach a song's samples. Lock on these sample lines, play their notes and once you’ve completed them, they become part of the song you are creating.

The better you pulse the more elaborate samples you can reach. Layer samples to create tracks. The goal is to fluently build complete songs and to mix tracks together while keeping your score multipliers going.

How to Play game video:

Pulse, iphone, game, cover, imagePulse game features:

6 levels set to 6 exclusive tracks from Ferry Corsten.

Built in Facebook and Twitter functionality allows you to compete with your friends and post your scores to your personal pages.

The Game is now available for download in the iTunes App Store


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