My Own Love Song is a comedy drama film set to be released on September 24, 2010 (USA). The film is written and directed by Olivier Dahan, and stars: Forest Whitaker, Renée Zellweger, Elias Koteas as Dean, Madeline Zima, Nick Nolte, Annie Parisse, John Henry Cox as Boss at the Rose Inn, Lara Grice as Neighbor's Wife, Andrea Powell as Devon's Mom, Jordan Carlos, Adam Vernier as Officer Lodge, Del Pentecost as Dale, Chandler Frantz as Devon and Tim Parati.

Movie Synopsis: In Kansas City, a wheelchair-using former singer, Jane, argue with her stuttering friend Joey about his believing that he can talk to the invisible world. One day, as she's out for a massage, he messes up her house while searching for a book about angels that he has lent her but that she has not read. Frightening the neighbors, he is taken by the police to a hospital, where an angry Jane briefly visits.

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The following night, Joey escapes from his room and comes back to his friend's house in order to tidy it as she sleeps. While he cleans everything up, he finds a letter from her young son inviting her to his upcoming communion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he lives with his adoptive family. Later on, as she has waked up, he asks her to spend the night on the couch.

On the morning, the police knock on Jane's door and ask her if the escapee is in her house. She hesitates but eventually tells them that he's left. Decided not to go back to the psychiatric hospital nor to prison, Joey then begs Jane to join him on a planned trip to New Orleans, where a celebrated author writing about angels is due to hold a conference.

Soon after they start driving, problems begin. Their motor heats up and their car explodes. They buy a new one but this one is stolen. They then take the train and, while Jane sleeps, Joey meets a young lady called Billie by helping her find her wedding ring on the floor. She tells him her husband has disappeared without giving an address.

Later on, the three passengers dine at Billie's sister with her friends. A romantic night follows and ends with fireworks. The next morning, Joey, Jane and Billie are driven to a restaurant by a relative, but Jane forgets her purse in the car. As nobody has enough money for the bill, Joey elaborates a plan to get them to the bus without paying. The plan does not work but they eventually get into the bus, where they argue about what they've just done. The bus driver abandons them on a road in the middle of nowhere. Jane decides to go back home and Joey has to reveal the existence of her son's letter.

At night, the three ear music and meet an old musician (Nick Nolte) with whom they share some cake enhanced with drugs. The following day, the man gives them his car as Jane reluctantly agrees to replace a singer who was due to sing two songs in a restaurant under his management. As they drive, they notice their stolen car on the road and chase the thief. An accident ensues and everybody is arrested and subsequently freed.

In town, short before her planned show, Jane argues with Joey about his mothering her. She leaves the group and meets fellow travelers going to Iowa. The woman of the couple is ill and they are going there on their last trip to their children. This inspiring meeting persuades Jane to perform the show she was supposed to be at. She arrives on stage while Joey prays angels for her to come back. Her song is a success but they are soon separated from her new manager, who is taken to prison. Jane writes him a letter where she stresses on the beauty of birds.

In New Orleans, Joey assists to the conference about angels but discover, while at the toilets, that the author is both a racist and a liar. He does not believe in what he writes and hates his Black and Mexican readership. Joey punches him in the face and the three travelers are expelled from the conference. They get to the train station and are bound to Baton Rouge when Billie receives a call. Her husband is on the phone and seems ready to come back home. She leaves Jane and Joey just before their train starts.

In Baton Rouge, as they reach Jane's son's communion, she hesitates to get in, afraid that she will not recognize him seven years after her accident and subsequent coma. Joey tells her to sing, so that he will find her. She follows his advice and what he had said happens. The young boy, bound to leave the place with his adoptive family, stops in front of her as he ears her sing. The final scene is set later back in Kansas. Joey and Jane are sitting in front of a lake, talking. Her son and his adoptive parents arrive for a visit. Jane and Joey hold their hands as the three approach.

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