Kid Adventures: Sky Captain is an adventure video game for Nintendo Wii, set to be released in Q1 2010. The game is published by D3 Publisher. The game is designed to show the fun of flying to a casual audience. Soar through and around three whimsical islands and complete 40 exciting missions that include sky racing, stunt flying, shooting targets, finding hidden treasures and much more. Flight skills are rewarded with unlockable plane skins and new flying machines including a jet plane and UFO! Zip through floating rings, swoop under bridges, skim across the water, and barrel roll through the valley in a bid to become Gloster Island’s resident Sky Captain!

Kid Adventures: Sky Captain, nintendo, wii,game, cover, box, artKid Adventures: Sky Captain game features:

40 exciting missions including aerial races, shooting targets, cow herding, and finding hidden pirate treasures!

Unlockables galore – Seven unique flying machines, including a gyrocopter, jet plane, and UFO with customizable skins for each vehicle.

Easy to pick up controls with intuitive game mechanics creating accessible and easily mastered gameplay for kids of all ages.

Play with a friend to cooperate and finish missions or go head to head in four exciting.

Versus modes ranging from races to aerial battles.

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