Metal Drift is a vehicular combat sport video game developed and published by Black Jacket Studios exclusively for the PC (Microsoft Windows). The game is set to be released on October 22, 2009. The game featuring drift tanks that battle it out in a futuristic arena setting, features 56 different tank configurations with various weapons and upgrade selections to choose from, as well as 5 different arenas, each with their own racing lines and boost tunnels. In addition, the drift-tanks have a unique energy system that allows the pilot to direct acquired energy into a speed boost or to power up weapons for extra damage.

Metal Drift Gameplay (Late Beta Build trailer)

pc, metal drift, video, game, coverGame features:

12 player vehicular combat.
Goal orientated team based game type.
Racing elements: acceleration tunnels and tank boost.
Unique tank energy management system.
Stadium setting, complete with scoreboard and crowds.
Custom tank configuration with downloadable add-ons.
First person cockpit view.
Persistent ranking system.
15 unique weapons and upgrades.

System Requirements For Metal Drift


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