I just finished watching "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" This movie is about a famous photographer Connor Mead (McConnaughey). He arrives at his studio and quickly flirts with and photographs a number of beautiful women, all of whom flirt back because his reputation apparently precedes him. He quickly snaps a shot of a new singer for the cover of "Vanity Fair" and then proceeds to seduce her in his office while breaking up with three other girls via a conference web cam set up by his faithful assistant Melanie (Noureen DeWulf). He quickly rushes off to his little brother's wedding at his Uncle Wayne's estate. Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas), a famous womanizer, has died, but he raised the two boys so Connor and Paul (Breckin Meyer) own the estate. When he arrives, Connor quickly runs into Jenny Perroti (Jennifer Garner), his old girlfriend, who warns him not to do anything to ruin the wedding of her sister, Sandra. But Connor is an affirmed bachelor and can't understand why his little brother wants to tie the knot. Drinking madly, Connor is soon visited by the spirit of Uncle Wayne who tells him he will be visited by the ghosts of three former girlfriends who will hopefully help guide him through a journey of self-discovery. Connor runs away and finds himself back in bed with Allison (Emma Stone), the first girl he ever slept with, in his bed, complete with "Material Girl" outfit. She quickly takes Connor back to his early days and the film works forward from there.

The movie is ok for an entertaining evening of fluff. It's a movie that's supposed to be a take-off on the Christmas Carol idea of three ghosts visiting a guy to help him realize that he lives an unfulfilling life of womanizing but really should be with his first love. Mostly the movie comes off as stale and not very innovative. Jennifer Garner and McConaughey had a great chemistry together although they should've picked a hotter looking girl. She had in this movie a "girl next door" quality to her. But the acting was great, there are several hysterical moments. Michael Douglas was awesome on here even though he played a small part of the ghost of the sleazy Uncle Mead.

Overall, the movie is watchable and worth taking a look at if you like the kind of movie in which two people who have had relationship issues for years end up getting together.

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  1. Anonymous Says,

    Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is a romantic and comedy movie about Connor who is a celebrity photographer, who loves freedom, fun and women.Awesome movie. I watched this movie with my friends.

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