Rally Master Pro is a car racing video game developed and published by Fishlabs for iPhone. Rally Master Pro release date: October 28, 2009. This 3D mobile racing game will put racing fans on the edge of their seats. Not only the revved up graphics, including vertex coloring and dynamic lighting, but also the sophisticated driving physics, which individually calculates every wheel according to the weather and appropriate surface characteristics, along with the customizable controls, together create an almost perfect illusion of a real hardcore rally. With the enormous computing power of the iPhone, the boundaries between mobile and console games vanish, both in the graphics and the driving experience.

Rally Master Pro Game Trailer:

rally master pro, iphone, video, gameEach of the 27 courses in the game has its own personality. Tight curves, wet asphalt, and icy curves demand all of a player's driving skills. Help comes from the co-pilot, whose instructions should be followed if you don't want to risk totalling your vehicle. With the unique, interactive replay, the last stage can be studied with numerous vehicle and TV cameras and individual sequences can be fast forwarded and rewound to perfect the player's driving skill The new adrenaline mode also calls for error-free driving, because the rally car must reach the finish line as undamaged as possible. The 3D damage model provides information about the condition of the car at any time - the vehicle can be repaired for the next test between stages in a variety of mini-games. Course best times and rally records can also be uploaded on-line to compare with friends and players from around the world.

Game features:

27 courses in a variety of countries
Improved graphics with vertex colouring and dynamic lighting (OpenGL ES 1.1)
Dynamic 3D sound effects (OpenAL)
Realistic 4-point driving physics
3D damage model
Wide variety of weather conditions
Adrenaline mode
Manual replay
Configurable controls
On-line high scores

Rally Master Pro is available in the App Store, for more information about the game visit www.fishlabs.net.


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