Splinterheads is a comedy movie directed by Brant Sersen and stars: Thomas Middleditch, Rachael Taylor, Lea Thompson, Christopher McDonald, Dean Winters, Frankie Faison and Jason Rogel. Splinterheads release date: November 6, 2009 by Atlantic Pictures. The story of Justin Frost, a slacker whose life is turned upside down when a traveling carnival rolls in to town for the summer, bringing with it an outrageous crew of carnival workers, who call themselves 'splinterheads' and earn a living by hustling an endless stream of townies out of their hard-earned cash. When Justin begins to fall for one of them, a striking, street-smart con-artist named Galaxy, he finds that there are a few people in his life complicating his pursuit of his dream girl: a love-sick police sergeant who happens to be his mom's ex-boyfriend, his 116-year-old grandfather who is the newly minted "World's Oldest Living Man," his best friend and current employer Wayne Chung, and Galaxy's insanely jealous, belligerent carnie boyfriend Reggie.

Splinterheads HD Movie Trailer

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