I love these types of thrillers, especially when they're done well. In this case, it was very well done. State of Play based on the BBC mini-series, is a pretty good thriller with some interesting insights into the inner workings of major newspapers. There's also some conflict thrown in between blogging and traditional journalism, which is very much a topic of discussion these days.

The movie starts out with the murder of a politician's (played by Ben Affleck) mistress, and as it twists and turns, the real story behind the murder gradually emerges as pieces of evidence provided by first one and then another source begin to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The viewer guessing who murdered Sonia and why may have a change of mind more than once during the course of the movie as new facts keep coming out and altering the viewer's assumptions. The sets and shooting locations are quite realistic, and this adds an extra element of verisimilitude. Russell Crowe did an outstanding job as an old school reporter, with contacts everywhere in the city. The interactions between him and Rachel McAdams and Helen Mirren also seem very real.

Overall, this is an excellent movie. Has something for everyone...mystery, intricate relationships, character studies, superb acting, and this kept me glued to my seat and didn't disappoint in the end.


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