Dead Man Running is an action thriller movie written and directed by Alex De Rakoff, cast: Danny Dyer as Bing, 50 Cent as Thigo, Tamer Hassan as Nick, Monet Mazur as Frankie, Brenda Blethyn as Mother, Blake Ritson as Jarvis, Esme Bianco as Herself- Featured Burlesque Performer and Bronson Webb as Smudger. Dead Man Running release date: October 30, 2009 by Revolver Entertainment. Plot: When it becomes apparent that the recession is hitting the criminal world as hard as it is hitting Wall Street, notorious gangster and loan shark, Mr. Thigo (50 Cent) arrives in London to shake things up and make an example out of one of his late payers. Already struggling financially, reformed ex-con Nick is given exactly 24 hours to come up with the money left on his bill or he is literally a dead man running.

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As a guarantee, Thigo’s men hold Nick’s wheelchair-bound mum (Brenda Blethyn) hostage, leaving him no choice but to comply. Enlisting the help of his best mate, Bing (Danny Dyer), the boys embark on a frantic race against the clock. Their mission takes them from the dog tracks of East London to the underground drug scene of rural Manchester as they try every trick and scam in the book to get the cash before it’s too late...

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