I saw Paranormal Activity last Friday night, the media has done a nice spin job on promoting this movie and it convinced me to give it a gander. In the movie, we have a couple Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat who live alone in a two story home, Katie has been haunted on and off since she was a little girl by what she believes to be a ghost. Moving into a new house with her boyfriend Micah, these "hauntings" start up again. Her boyfriend, not having known about this when they moved in together, becomes excited at first about the whole thing and wants to investigate it more. He goes out and buys a video camera and sets it up stationary on a tripod in their bedroom while they sleep in hopes of catching something, if anything on tape.

The movie makes one wonder, what are those sounds you so often here at night? What would you see if you took video and audio recording while you slept? Or would you rather not know? Personally, I wasn't afraid after seeing this movie but I did come to the conclusion that I would not set up such equipment in my own home.

Overall, I have much respect of the director. He's pulled off an amazing achievement by making an enjoyable film on a rock bottom budget. The movie is well done and uses almost all of the usual tools in the horror genre effectively with one notable exception; gore. Some of the shots are not too great and the entire movie is filmed at the home. If you like Ghost Hunters or any of the similar shows on TV, you'll probably like this movie very much. If you prefer the movie where the monster shows itself, rips off a few heads, and then is killed, you'll be disappointed and bored.

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  1. Krissy Says,

    Excellent review! Spot on.

  2. Anonymous Says,

    Awesome movie....Good review.this is my one of the favorites movie...You can watch Paranormal activity movie from the internet....

  3. Jaccstev Says,

    Nice review.. This film is no doubt one of the best and surprising films of 2009.

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