I first saw the trailer to Trick 'r Treat movie about 2 or 3 years ago and have wondered what’s happened to it all this time. Two days ago I finally found a copy on DVD after a long search. If you read the synopsis for the movie you'd think this is a film like Creepshow. I think this was a decent movie. I don’t think the hype justifies it, but it isn’t a bad flick. There are four different stories that are all intertwined somehow. These four stories not only link but they have twists to them that allow them to be linked together. There were times when I was watching this movie and had forgotten about some earlier characters and when they'd moved on to another story and the characters from another story showed in the current one, it was a nice surprise because I'd gotten so wrapped up in the current story and forgotten about the others. Besides the obvious linkage, the one constant that links them all is Sam. What the hell is Sam? What’s his purpose? Who is he? Why is he so mad? There is no back story for him but he makes for an excellent, creepy Halloween antagonist.

Overall, all the acting was good. Anna "Sookie" Paquin and Brian Cox are the big names here. I think the film could have been much better had a little more depth and attention been given to each story to allow them to play out a bit more and keep the viewer guessing. It's quite obvious why this movie never made it to the big screen, which is too bad. The appeal is there, but it just seems rushed. In short, this movie isn't for those horror fanatics that love the scare, because, in truth, I don't think Trick r Treat delivered in that department.

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  1. Jaccstev Says,

    I just can't wait to watch this film. I'll buy the DVD soon.

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