Legends of Norrath: Travelers is an online-only trading card video game developed by SOE Denver and published by Sony Online Entertainment. The game was released on October 13, 2009. In the game, two thousand years after the Ethernauts' sacrifice, threats from the Void are still surfacing. Learning lessons from their past defeats, the Voidmen have turned to a more nefarious scheme; destroy Norrath by cutting the people off from their Gods. When both are weak, the Voidmen will strike. Join the Travelers and walk the Planes to restore peace to Gods and man alike.

legends of norrath travelers, cover, game, video, online, sonyGame Features:

An exciting new storyline with all new characters and situations, that send you to the Planes themselves!

An all-new 200 card starter that can be used to create four different starter decks, one for each of the four new avatars!

Incredible loot cards, including exclusive new quests in EverQuest® and EverQuest® II that open all new chambers and rewards of loot and XP! Plus, in EQII you can combine several key cloaks to create the game's first wearable, visible backpack! And in EQ, three new collection items will grant you the Frozen Skull of the Cursed item which gives you a unique mercenary.

For more information: http://legendsofnorrath.station.sony.com/index.vm


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