Ninja Blade is an action-adventure video game developed by From Software and published by Microsoft for PC (also available on Xbox 360). The game release date for PC: November 2009. In the game, Ken Ogawa and his team of skilled ninjas are deployed to destroy the infected monster horde and stem the spreading disease as humanity hangs in the balance.

Matters quickly take a turn for the worse as Ogawa and his team are betrayed from within their own ranks. After narrowly escaping death, Ogawa is left to fight the daunting battle alone while also attempting to understand the motivations behind his father's betrayal.
Armed with an extensive arsenal of specialized ninja weapons, tools and skills including the powerful forces of Ninja Vision and Todome Attack, players must fight insurmountable odds, and once again bring peace and order to Tokyo.

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ninja blade, pc, windowsGame features:

To help defeat the genetically mutated monsters, players will have the special abilities of Ninja Vision and Todomé Attack at their fingertips. Enabling Ninja Vision will allow players to detect and analyze potential enemy weak points, secret paths and hidden information within the environment. Beware, though, that while using Ninja Vision, characters become susceptible to excess damage. Todomé Attack is a special attack that destroys an enemy character’s core (heart), by dealing a fatal wound. Balanced and calculated use of both these abilities will be critical to progressing through the game.

Variety of weapons, tools and Ninjutsu — specialized Ninja powers — offer an enticing array of options. Varied environments force players to think strategically about which set of weapons and tools will be most effective at conquering their way through different levels. Everything from dual-wielding swords to grapple wire hooks and grenades has distinctive features and characteristics, so choose wisely! Ninjutsu is a special power that results in an explosive electrical force to either stun enemies or protect oneself from attack. Only true Ninja Masters can achieve this technique.

Scattered throughout integral parts of the storyline, characters will come across various quick-time events where players will have the opportunity to directly interact with in-game cut scenes. Quick reflexes will be rewarded as players interact with controller buttons as directed on screen during intense battles.

Ninja Blade offers a fresh twist to the classic ninja saga by basing all 3-D gaming maps directly from the actual skyscrapers and building tops in modern-day Tokyo.

Suggested Minimum System Requirements for Ninja Blade:
Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM or more
Hard Drive: 5 GB Free
Video Card (graphics): 256 MB, GeForce 8600 GTS or better
Sound Card: DirectX compatible audio hardware
DirectX: 9.0c

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