"Wolfenstein", video game is yet another great installment in the Wolfenstein tradition even though this maybe isn't what people expected, it's still a great game.

The story line is not all that much different from the other games in this lineup; at this point, you pretty much know what to expect. The story centers around the Nazi/occult relationship which has some element of fact to it, though historically not so over the top. you start the game fighting general run-of-the-mill Nazis and progressively things get more and more supernatural, fighting heavily armored creations with weapons resembling the proton charge weapons in Ghostbusters, and once you get your hands on these weapons you can instantly vaporize normal human enemies. The graphics are great and the whole new veil/mire-stuff is also cool. A medallion that can make time go slower for you, empower your weapons and protect you. Many cool weapons as well. Unlike Return to Castle Wolfenstein, where you continuously came to new locations all the time and never visited the same place twice, in this game you are mostly in the same town all the time and you'll travel back and forth to the same places many times, and it actually works quite well.

Overall, this game is a ton of fun, entertaining supernatural shoot em up that will keep you busy for a while.


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