When In Rome is a comedy film directed by Mark Steven Johnson, co-written by Johnson, David Diamond and David Weissman. Cast: Kristen Bell as Beth, Josh Duhamel as Nick, Anjelica Huston as Celeste, Will Arnett as Antonio, Jon Heder as Lance, Dax Shepard as Gale, Alexis Dziena as Joan, Kate Micucci as Stacy, Peggy Lipton as Priscilla, Luca Calvani as Umberto, Keir O'Donnell as Priest (Father Dino), Bobby Moynihan as Puck, Kristen Schaal as Ilona, Judith Malina as Umberto's Grandma and Lee Pace as Brady Sacks. When in Rome is set to be released on January 29, 2010 by Touchstone Pictures. In the movie, a successful and single art curator (Kristen Bell) goes to Rome to attend her younger sister's impulsive marriage. While there, she picks up coins from a reputed “fountain of love,” (probably based on the Trevi Fountain) and when she leaves she is pursued back to New York by a band of aggressive suitors whose coins she took.

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  1. Anonymous Says,

    When in Rome is a romantic and comedy movie..An ambitious young New Yorker woman with an enviable problem: she has multiple men after her heart! She takes a trip to Italy to escape New York City . I am waiting for this movie...This movie is releasing in January.you can watch when in rome movie when it will release...

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