Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! is a video game developed by Innogiant and published by Legendo for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Spooky Spirits Puzzle Drop!! was released on November 20, 2009. In the game, players traveling the world capturing runaway spirits in various fun and exciting game modes designed for puzzle fanatics and casual players alike. Having fallen asleep on their watch and lost the Spookies, Becky and Tim are banished and risk losing their spirit warden jobs unless they manage to recapture these pesky ghosts. The unfortunate duo must search haunted locations on Earth to track down the Spookies including the Sphinx of Egypt, a Haunted House in England and an abandoned crypt in Finland featuring none other than Dead Santa himself.

Spooky Spirits Puzzle Drop!! Game Trailer

Spooky Spirits Puzzle Drop, video, game, iphoneSpooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! Game Modes:

In the Panic Mode, players must clear each level by catching an appropriate amount of Spookies before the screen overfills.

Puzzle Mode is a relaxed mode with no stress – players must outsmart the Spookies' clever puzzles and beat them in their own game using only a limited number of blocks.

Eternity Mode is a Tetris-inspired exhaust mode that just keeps going for as long as players can keep it at or reach the max-score of 9,999,999 points (that's A LOT of Spookies to catch!).

Touch Controls:

Swipe the screen to control the game, left and right selects blocks, up swaps them and down drops them!

Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! can be downloaded from the Apple App Store http://itunes.apple.com/app/spooky-spirits-puzzle-drop/id339559266?mt=8


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