Minim is a puzzle video game published by Fishing Cactus for the iPhone and iPod. Minim was released on November 18, 2009. In the game,

Select connected atoms to merge them with one another. But wait! Not all atoms can combine with each other! Numbered atoms can only merge with another atom of the same number, and combine to produce an atom numbered one higher. So a (2) and a (2) will combine to make a (3), a (3) and a (3) merge to make a (4), and so on. Complex modifier atoms, such as (+1), (-4), (x2) and (÷3) can combine with any numbered atom mathematically, AS LONG AS the resultant atom is between (1) and (10), and NOT a fraction or decimal. Simple modifier atoms, such as (+) (-) (x) and (÷) can combine with any numbered atom to create Complex Modifier Atoms, so a (+) and a (3) merge to make a (+3), and an (x) and a (2) combine to make a (x2) atom, and so on.

Minim Game Video:

minim, iphone, video, gameTo reposition atoms, tap and hold an atom until it is surrounded by a black halo, and then drag to reposition.

Swipe the background with your finger to rotate the molecule to have a better look at the puzzle.

Use the undo button in the bottom right to undo each of your moves, and retrace your steps back to the beginning of the puzzle.

Minim features:

50 Mind tingling levels, Hours of captivating gameplay!
Simple to learn, tough to master - For the Casual gamer; dive right in and be manipulating molecules in minutes. For the Hard-core gamer; you might have met your match! Rotate the molecule by dragging your finger in the open space surrounding the molecules Pull the puzzle apart in order to get a better perspective. Use the FULL UNDO feature and reconstruct the molecule back to the beginning. Beat the puzzles faster to earn valuable bonus points! Combine the numbered atoms that are similar in order to minimize the molecule until there are no atoms left!

The game is available on the App Store:


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