Karaoke Revolution,video, game, posterKaraoke Revolution is a music simulation video game developed by Blitz Games and published by Konami for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Karaoke Revolution is set to be released on November 24, 2009. Grab the mic and sing your heart out with the brand new Karaoke Revolution! Get the party started with friends or compete to win your chance at stardom. Includes 50 new songs, 16 new venues and online modes. Tailor your gameplay experience with all-new enhanced and customizable characters, a custom venue creator and downloadable songs and accessories. Can you handle the spotlight?

Karaoke Revolution game features:

50 all new songs that are licensed masters, featuring contemporary hits and classic favorites.

Perfect for parties or to play competitively and become a star.

Party Mode : Multiple game modes for up to 16 players to compete with or against each other, create party set lists and jump in and out of the game with ease.

Career Mode: Sing your way to fame and stardom by competing in career mode and unlocking new venues and accessories.

Karaoke Revolution: Spanish Developer Diary video

Ten brand new customizable venues, plus 6 fully customizable venues to personalize your own venues.

Players have the option of including the original music videos in the venues
All new downloadable content on the Xbox 360 version.

Create yourself in the game using the new custom character creator, including facial and body morphing.

Xbox LIVE Vision Camera support in online games.

Improved scoring system and proprietary technology that accurately recognizes and scores vocal pitch and rhythm.

Check out the track list: Karaoke Revolution Songs 2009

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  1. singtothe Says,

    is this software really that good when you compare it to actual karaoke machines because my friend has sing star and i really didn't think it was as good as my unit at home, but then hers came with karaoke songs built in for take that! can't compare with the song choices i suppose.

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