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Cook Wars is a simulation video game published by Ubisoft for Nintendo Wii, Cook Wars was released on November 24, 2009. In the game, the fun never ends with over 30 mini-games of cooking challenges, offering a wide variety of gameplay: grill, cook, bake, cut, roll in numerous recipes from the world's best cuisines. Compete to become the best cook and win as you make some. Full Description of the best international foods from 5 countries (Mexico, USA, France, Italy, Asia). Multi-player functions, including 2 players vs. 2 players or 3 players vs. 1 player as well as an intense duel mode, offer the whole family a chance to play together. Unlock new ingredients and star chefs as you progress through the different modes.

Cook Wars game features:

Over 30 mini-games
Variety of multi-player modes
Rewarding system -- unlock new ingredients as you progress

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