echoes, video, game, PSP, Xbox LiveEchoes is a puzzle action video game developed and published by Halfbrick for Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Xbox Live. Echoes was released on November 19, 2009. Race to collect crystals while dodging the Echoes shadowing your footsteps in this innovative, seat-of-your-pants arcade game. Try the blend of action and strategy in Arcade Mode, the tense maneuvering of Clockwork Mode, the frenetic pace of Survival Mode or challenge a friend to an intense Duel Match. With dozens of surreal levels across seven unique gameplay modes, there’s plenty for everyone. Halfbrick Echoes is an action puzzle game in which players collect crystals within many surreal, artistic worlds. As each crystal is collected, an enemy called an Echo will spawn. Echoes are translucent versions of the player’s hat icon, and they will walk the exact same path the hat walked between collecting crystals. The goal is to successfully complete the level by collecting all the crystals. Coming into contact with an Echo will result in one life being lost.

Echoes - PSP - Gameplay Video

Echoes game features:

Collect the specified number of crystals without dying and progress through each level.

High score times are recorded.

Obtain the highest score possible within 60 seconds.

Obtain the highest score within the time limit; collecting crystals adds to the time and hitting Echoes loses time.

Controls the flow of time, and therefore movement of Echoes with left and right shoulder buttons.

Echoes is now available to download on PlayStation Network


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